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Eisriesenwelten Werfen

Eisriesenwelt is unique, huge and rightly one of the most popular excursion destinations in Salzburger Land. Eisriesenwelt is a spectacular ice cave totally around 42 km in length, which was almost unknown until the end of the 19th century. This changed in 1978, when a natural scientist from Salzburg, Anton von Posselt-Czorich, pressed his way into the cave and, in the truest sense of the meaning ‘brought light into the dark’ and discovered this ‘Eisriesenwelt’. With ground-breaking explorations, the cave was accessed, little by little, after the First World War. Today there are guided tours of the spectacular Eisriesenwelten Werfen available. You will be inspired by what you experience down here in the dark depths and the dimensions of this cave will simply amaze you.

The guided tour takes about an hour but allow 3 hours since the time for the cable car ride and getting in to Eisriesenwelt Werfen need to be factored in too. Even on hot summer days we recommend that you bring warm clothing and footwear since the longest ice cave in the world can get very cold, even reaching sub-zero temperatures.

Eisriesenwelt Werfen is around 35 minutes‘ drive from the 4-star Hotel ADAPURA Wagrain.

Friggas Schleier

Liechtenstein gorge

Liechtenstein gorge is one of the most impressive, deepest and longest gorges in the Alps. Even as far back as 1875 this natural Alpine spectacle, with its impressive roaring waterfall, mossy stones, incredible atmosphere and the rays of the sun which create a rainbow in the fine spray, inspired people so much that the gorge was made accessible to the wider public, thanks to a donation from Count Liechtenstein. To date, over 10 million people have visited the myth-enshrouded and inspiring Liechtenstein gorge.

Liechtenstein gorge in beautiful Salzburger Land is just 16 km and about a 25-minute drive from the 4-star Hotel Adapura Wagrain. 

© Oczlon

Zoo Salzburg

Zoo Salzburg, with over 1500 animals and more than 150 species, on an area spanning some 14 hectares and with around 300,000 visitors a year, is an exciting experience and an absolute holiday tip for families and adults. In Zoo Salzburg you will get to find out about animals from various continents. The Eurasia section tempts you in to see the brown bears, Alpine ibex and a red Panda. From Australia, there are kangaroos, while from America there are sloths. Not forgetting the special linchpin of Salzburg Zoo – the African section with its large Savanna area and lion house. In Salzburg Zoo it is of great importance for all the animal species to be kept in enclosures that are in keeping with the animals’ natural habitats. This lends itself well to the special landscape features at the zoo, from impressive rock faces to hilly meadowland areas.

You can get to the zoo from the 4-star Hotel Adapura Wagrain in 55 minutes by car, around 60 km.

Red Bull Hangar-7 in Salzburg

Red Bull Hangar-7 is situated at Salzburg airport and is about an hour’s drive, or around 70km, from the 4-star Hotel Adapura Wagrain.

In this unique designer building, there is a collection of Formula 1 racing cars and historic aircraft that will set the hearts of motoring fans racing. Also inside Red Bull Hangar-7 is the well-known restaurant Ikarus, where world-renowned chefs magic up dishes, two bars (Mayday Bar and Threesixty Bar), an outdoor lounge and also the Carpe Diem Lounge Café. An ideal excursion destination for adults and families with children.

Haus der Natur

Haus der Natur is situated in the city of Salzburg, it is both a natural history and a technology museum and provides a fascinating insight from prehistoric times to the future. From days long past, in Haus der Natur huge dinosaurs meet milestones in astronautics, reptiles from across the globe and underwater realms. Not forgetting the journey into the human body! In Haus der Natur you get to experience a Science Centre, which brings physics and technology to life, inspiring underwater realms with colourful coral reefs, explore the human body – for instance how sight, hearing, smell and much more actually function. It is not without reason that Haus der Natur is one of the most popular visitor magnets for families with children and adults alike.

The 4-star Hotel ADAPURA Wagrain is around a 60-minute drive from Haus der Natur in Salzburg.

Weltraum Mondlandung
Haus der Natur
© Simmerstatter, Seidl, Kressl
Saurierhalle T-rex
Reise in den menschlichen Körper

Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelten

In den Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelten, in Mattsee (around 15 km outside the city of Salzburg) on an area spanning around 4500 m² you get to see technology up close. The museum is anything but a collection of historic vehicles. On this excursion you head out on a historic journey through the life of the inventor Ferdinand Porsche, one which inspires visitors of any age. The exhibition has lots of interactive options. And you are even encouraged to get to grips with many of the exhibits, after all, it is only in this way that the history of Ferdinand Porsche and the construction of his wonderful vehicles can be fully understood.

The Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelten are around 95 km from the 4-star Hotel ADAPURA Wagrain.

Ausfahrt im Austro Daimler
Ausstellung: Prinz Heinrich
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