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Sports expertise directly in-house

Rudi Huber Shop in ADAPURA Wagrain

We have brought the sports shop directly to our hotel for you. Do you want to buy or rent some skiing gear, need new gloves or functional clothing or have your skis or snowboard not been serviced for some time? Not to worry, Rudi Huber will help you in a hurry. No need to drive anywhere, simply visit the in-house shop - located right on the ground floor of Hotel ADAPURA in Wagrain.

The team will be happy to share their extensive experience and expertise in the field of sports with you. You'll get the best material and can start enjoying the slopes conveniently and without much delay. And for the fashionistas or the fashion-conscious man, Rudi Huber has the latest fashion trends in store.


Performance in short:

Sport-Center Rudi Huber : Adapura Wagrain