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Restaurant Place to Meat: smoky barbecue

The pitmasters in ADAPURA Wagrain in Salzburgerland

Those who like real barbecue will fall in love with the ADAPURA Restaurant "Place to Meat". The pitmasters of the BBQ Place in the 4* Hotel grill hearty meat specialities such as burgers, ribs, hotdogs and steaks, all right on the money. And when it comes to the way of preparation, it's a real back to the roots feeling, meaning: rough and original. The ambience is stylish modern yet still like in an original BBQ restaurant. Featuring earth tones, you'll feel in touch with nature in the Place to Meat. Salads, potatoes every imaginable way, sauces and further side dishes can be chosen to your taste. The Restaurant Place to Meat is unique in Wagrain's surroundings. It's not a simple burger joint. The Place to Meat is a small tribute to the Mexican-Spanish origin of this popular cooking method.


The down-to-earth ambience paired with good food is totally in and will delight you.

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#BURGERNothing like a juicy burger.
#STEAKSWe serve your steak the way you love it!
Restaurant Place to MeatBarbecue is the food of adventurers.

Grilling is a bit of culinary art

Our crew in the Restaurant Place to Meat knows the small but important touches to make grilled dishes into true delicacies. As soon as you know the basics, the art of proper grilling is also a matter of practice. A small checklist for you:


  1. Before grilling, the meat needs to be at room temperature.
  2. Oil the grillage and make sure that the grill is hot enough.
  3. Adjust the cooking time to suit the thickness of the meat and the desired degree of doneness.
  4. Pay attention to the core temperature of the meat when you want to take it off the grill.
  5. After grilling, let the meat rest for a while.

These five little rules apply to different types of meat - also to spareribs, for example. Use a grilling or cooking thermometer, because the core temperature and cooking time are important to achieve optimal BBQ meat.