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The Living Room in ADAPURA Wagrain

Lodging just like at home when on holiday

Chilling expressly permitted. The ADAPURA Wagrain Living Room is located gallery-like above the Restaurant PURA ALM. The Lounge & Bar with its open fireplace is the perfect haven in summer as in winter and your living room during your holidays. You're welcome to slouch at ease, doze off, read a book, chat, play cards - simply everything that lets you unwind and fill your free time in our Living Room the way you like it. It doesn't always have to be action when on holidays, sweet idleness is also en vogue. Put your feet up, our Living Room is a true sitting room and not an exhibition space for beautiful seating furniture. We'll be happy to serve you some coffee, tea or any other beverage that takes your fancy. #relax #haveagoodtime


Living room during the day, in the evening a casual bar with crackling open fire and pleasant lounge music in the background. Our ADAPURA Living Room is versatile, it has two faces. After dinner, don't go straight to bed. Enjoy a nice drink together, a nightcap so to say, in the Living Room. The choice of beverages is impressive: great wines from our wine store, regional and international beers, grappa, gin, whiskey, long drinks, cocktails - the list goes on and on. Ask our bar-keeper for your favourite drink. Isn't it great not to have to take the car anymore, being able to indulge in what bar has to offer and having just a few steps back to your room? #haveagoodtime with #goodpeople

Hotel Bar & Lounge "Living Room" : Adapura Wagrain