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PURA ALM: Austrian cooking deliciously simple

Viennese schnitzel and Kaiserschmarrn in ADAPURA Wagrain

In the PURA ALM restaurant, you can feast your way through a variety-packed buffet of Austrian cuisine. We fastidiously prepare traditional dishes, just as you might enjoy at home with the people who live here. Simplicity is elegance in our delicious food, with hearty classics and well-known pastries freshly and deliciously prepared. You really ought to try the great local beers and Austrian wines. Austria is well known for its top-quality food and drink.

PURA ALM is designed to be in keeping with traditional Salzburgerland, featuring plenty of wood. You get to experience the warmth of Alpine lodge style in all the details that feature in your holiday environs in ADAPURA in Wagrain.

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Buffet-Restaurant PURA ALM : Adapura Wagrain