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Dog‘s Time at ADAPURA Wagrain

where your best friend will feel almost at home!

The dog is a human‘s best friend and cordially welcomed at ADAPURA Wagrain.

We offer a limited number of rooms, where our guests can take their beloved four-legged friend along. In order to ensure taht your dog enjoys its holidays to the fulles, all rooms are qauipped with high quality „Dogstyler“ products.

Provided that dogs are leashed, they are allowed in the lobby as well as the restaurants outdoor terrace. Out of consideration for other guests we kindly ask you, not to bring your dog to the restaurants, the wellness and pool area as well as to the kids playground.

Please ask for your dog's accomodation at booking. We charge a fee of € 35,- per dog and night withoud food. Please understand that we can only allow one dog per room

Our dog-friendly rooms come with the following features:

  • Two bowls for food and water
  • Lounger dog bed and a dog blanket
  • Welcome treat

Please don‘t forget to bring the following:

  • Your dog‘s favourite toy.
  • Your dog‘s favourite food (there are several supermarkets near the hotel).
  • Dog brush for fur grooming.
  • For your winter holiday - depending on breed and fur - protecting clothing.
  • We recommend to bring a drag line, so your dog can feel more freely even when leashed

Guideline for dog‘s time at the Hotel / in Austria:

  • Unfortunately your room will not be cleaned when your dog is alone in the room.
  • We kindly ask you not to take your dog into the bed. Please make sure, that your little friend behaves. The room has to be kept clean and undamaged..
  • Please note that dogs have to be kept on a leash in alpine areas to protect the grazing livestock against dogs.
  • On almost all cable cars, dogs are taken along with pleasure, however please mind that it has to be kept on a lead an wear a muzzle. In some places muzzles may be rented on site.
  • Scoop the poop. This in Austria too, is regulated by law for all public parks and farm lands. Please bring your own dog waste bags on every walk. Along many walking paths you may find dispenser with suitable bags too.


We wish you and your furry-nose a nice stay at Hotel ADAPURA in Wagrain!

Dogs are welcomed : Adapura Wagrain