Sweating and cooling off

Taking a sauna and steam bath for a strong immune system

Recreate yourself. To boost your immune system, regular sauna sessions and steam baths are advisable. They increase well-being, cleanse the body and stimulate the bloodstream. Especially after an active day in the mountains hiking, climbing or skiing, a subsequent sauna session is recommended to soothe the muscles. Let your body come to rest before getting ready for dinner. Here you can combine outdoor activities without stress with an extensive session in our ADAPURA wellness zone. On our wellness loungers in the two quiet rooms with access to the outdoor terrace, relaxing comes easy. #enjoy #sauna #wellness


Our ADAPURA sauna and steam bath area has just the right options for every preference and enough to delight any sauna lover. DAILY FROM 3 PM till 7 PM

  • Finnish old timber sauna (approx. 90°C)
  • Organic sauna (approx. 55°C)
  • Family textile sauna at the outdoor area (approx. 50°C)
  • Aroma-steam bath
  • Infrared cabins


Who invented it?

Most of us believe that the so-called "sweat bath" was invented by the Finns. But did you know that a primitive type of sauna actually already existed in the Stone Age? People lined holes in the ground with hot stones, poured water over them and thus generated steam. They probably used these sweat baths for cleansing. The earliest finds were made in Asia and Mexico. The culture found its way to Finland through the nomadic tribes. As here the cold, frozen ground prevented the digging of holes, people became inventive to allow the heat to be focused above ground: This gave rise to the famous log cabins.


Sauna : Adapura Wagrain