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Pizza, Pasta and Dolce in Salzburgerland

Italian buffet-ristorante "Piazza2 in the Hotel ADAPURA in Wagrain

Mangiare’ does not just mean "eat". It embodies the Italian way of life too – a very special culture. Taking the time to prepare delicious meals and also to enjoy an extended mealtime with family and friends – with none of the hectic pace. Take your time: In our restaurant Piazza you get to sample the Italian style of indulgence at the buffet, in such an easy way, and try a little bit of what you fancy. Delicious pasta - al dente of course - and home-made pizza are prepared right before your very eyes and to finish there is the "Dolce" course.

Casual and comfy yet featuring contemporary Italian style – the Piazza tempts you to enjoy an extended meal together and to sit for a while. Good people celebrating good times together.

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Pizza à la Italia
Feiner Weingenuss
Take your time
Restaurant Piazza
Dolce - die süße Verführung
Der Espresso danach
Buffet-Restaurant Piazza : Adapura Wagrain