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Bathing regulations

Wellness World PURA SPA

Dear guests!


We are always trying to offer you perfect service, highest quality and optimal hygiene standards in our wellness world. In order to guarantee this, we ask you to observe and follow some important instructions and rules within the framework of the legal regulations, in your own interest and that of your fellow guests.


The bathing regulations serve the safety, order and cleanliness of the PURA SPA wellness world and its facilities and are binding for all guests.  By entering the wellness world every guest acknowledges the regulations of the bathing regulations as well as all regulations issued for the maintenance of safety, including the video surveillance carried out for safety in partial areas of the wellness world.


Guests who do not respect the bathing regulations or who disobey the instructions of the staff and supervisors can be excluded from the facility without claiming a refund.

We thank you for your knowledge and wish you relaxing hours in our PURA SPA wellness world.

I. Opening hours, admission regulations
1The wellness area is open for hotel guests during the times announced by the notice board or the supervisory staff. We reserve the right to make changes.
Outside the opening hours the use of the facility is not permitted.
2In particular, it is forbidden to attempt to enter the wellness world via the outdoor pools outside operating hours. Non-compliance will immediately lead to removal from the premises and/or to a report being made.
3Use of the facility is reserved exclusively for hotel guests (with a valid KeyCard).
4Guests who do not have access authorization are required to pay the daily fee of € 150,- immediately at the reception.
5Children under the age of 7 are only admitted to the PURA SPA wellness world if accompanied by an authorised supervisor who is at least 16 years old.
6Access to the sauna world (nude area) is permitted from the age of 16.
II. Condition and operation of the system
1The ADAPURA Hotel will provide the facilities with proper construction, operation and maintenance. In particular, the hygiene and safety regulations are observed at all times.
2As soon as APADPURA Hotel becomes aware of a malfunction, defect or defectiveness of a facility which no longer guarantees safe operation, the use of the malfunctioning facility is immediately prohibited or restricts its use. This does not entitle the user to a full or partial refund. The same applies to maintenance work that is necessary for the proper operation of the facilities, provided the guests have been informed in advance and/or an equivalent alternative exists.
III. Supervision duties, instructions from personnel
1The guests are obliged to follow the instructions of the employees. This also applies if a guest is of the opinion that the instructions given to him are not justified. 
IV. Hygiene regulations, bath towels
1Guests in the entire wellness world are obliged to be as clean as possible.
2Bath towels are available at various points of the system for free removal. We ask our guests to take a maximum of 2 towels per person out of consideration for the environment and availability for all guests.
3The barefoot area must not be entered with street shoes, the overshoes provided must be used.
4Shower must be taken before entering the pools.
5The use of soap, shampoos, etc. in swimming pools and water attractions is forbidden.
6We ask you to follow the instructions for the nude and textile zones out of consideration for other guests and hygiene regulations.
7Infants may only use the children's swimming pool with a suitable swimming diaper or swimming trunks.
8The guests are responsible not to use the wellness world if they already feel unwell. Bathing is prohibited in case of cardiovascular weakness, communicable diseases or tuberculosis.
V. Noise levels, restrictions on use
1Each guest is requested to be considerate of the other guests at all times.
2Noise pollution in the sauna and rest areas should be avoided in order to ensure relaxation and recreation for all guests.
3It is forbidden to use the telephone in the sauna and rest areas, as well as to use the tablet, mobile phone, etc. loudly.
4Due to the usual and unavoidable danger of slipping, running is prohibited in all areas of the facility. It is strongly recommended to wear bathing shoes. ADAPURA is not liable for damages and accidents caused by disregarding these bids.
5Smoking is not permitted in the wellness world.
6Photographing and filming other bathers and/or employees without their consent is not permitted.
7All facilities and facilities may only be used for their intended purpose (e.g. children's pool, slides, non-swimmer area).
VI. Lost items
1We ask you to keep all valuables in the safes provided in your rooms. No liability is accepted for the loss of valuables.
2We kindly ask you to return found objects to the wellness team.
VII. Reporting obligation, accidents, liability
1In case of accidents or complaints, please contact the bathing staff immediately.
2The hotel will not be responsible for damage caused by disregard of the bathing regulations, any other regulations governing use or by non-observance of the instructions of the supervisory staff, by any other fault on the part of the injured party or by unavoidable events or force majeure, in particular also by interventions of third parties. Contributory negligence leads to corresponding damage sharing. The same applies mutatis mutandis to any special usage regulations posted on the respective equipment and facilities (e.g. for slides, saunas, etc.) as well as to any prohibitions or restrictions on use.
Bathing regulations in the 4* Hotel Adapura Wagrain